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The Roots & Heart of Raw Soul

// big picture //

As Souls having a Human experience, we feel pain, pleasure, and paradox on the daily. It’s a package deal. When we shut out the discomfort, or try to skip the track to bliss, we miss out on truly knowing the best of this beautiful mystery of life. There is no fast-track Healing Path. It’s a life-long commitment to showing up, feeling fully, making mistakes, making a mess, cleaning it up, learning the lessons, and opening our hearts to Love.

Every damn day.

So this is where we meet. As a coach, teacher, and passionate Student of Spirit—I’m here and I’m dong the work. Every day, I join you in Raw & Real process of Human Beingness to share living, breathing, tangible practices for leading your Life with Soul.

 // background //

At heart, all I want is to help us all feel more in touch. With Soul, with our wisdom—whatever makes us tick and feel at home in this wild + wonderful world we’ve found ourselves sharing. In Light of this passion, I’ve intensively studied (and continue studying) countless wisdom traditions and healing modalities from ancient yoga, to integrative intuitive development, to cutting-edge coaching for a deeply integrative approach to Human Life.


Meditation Therapy Certification // 
Sacred Energy Healing
YA Certified Yoga Teacher (200h) // Earth Ways Yoga
Non-Dual Tantrik Yoga Immersion // Hareesh Wallis
Intuitive Development Training // Cindy Lehman

Tibetan Buddhist Practitioner // FPMT Discovering Buddhism
Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner // UCLA’s MAPs Program
Usui Reiki Healer  // Integrative Wellness Institute

This diverse background brings my multidimensional approach for building a personal healing path with my clients and students. Together, we cultivate clear intentions for growth, and honor the Human blocks and emotions that arise through healing.