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Freedom is Worth Your Courage.

This week, I am watching (and experiencing) so many soul-powered people deep in their proverbial shit. Old old old emotional patterns are up in a huge way, and it can feel like 100 steps backward. Hear me–it is not. It is an opportunity to be HONEST and BRAVE. Because you’re stronger now.

In Tantra (an ancient lineage of yogic wisdom), as well as Buddhism—it is believed, at the core, that all suffering comes from not knowing the Truth. When we don’t know the Truth, we can’t take action in alignment with who we are, what our hearts want, and where we’re going. When we don’t know the Truth that we’re all deeply and inherently connected, we treat each other in dehumanizing ways. We continue to hurt ourselves by hurting others. And when we don’t know the Truth of our past, hiding inside our subconscious bodies and minds, we will never be free of the influence of those painful memories. We stay stuck. We stay small. We stay asleep.

Dear Humans, that Freedom is WORTH your courage. To LOOK. To ALLOW what is ready to rise into your knowing to rise. To FEEL everything you didn’t feel strong enough to feel before. Because you are strong enough now. You’re ready. To feel the heartbreak, the anger, the fear. Give yourself the gift of that liberation. Give yourself a chance to prove to your inner-child that you are a strong, loving, nurturing, and brave guardian. That you are everything you ever needed then. It is possible to get to the other side of this pattern and this pain. You’re already moving through it. Pause and feel that. You are ALREADY healing and releasing this. Accept the challenge to kick it once and for all. It may be hard to believe, but it actually is possible to heal it all in this Lifetime, when you’re committed to embodying all that your Soul is, wants, and loves.

I see you. You got this. Carry on, Brave Humans.

In Soul, Danielle