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Real Talk: We’re so effing hard on ourselves and each other.

Being human is hard. There’s just no way around it. All of us—truly every single one of us are challenged in different ways to find the balance of being a stable, healthy, loving, blissful being on the Earth. An embodied spirit. If we knew what we were doing… well, we wouldn’t still be here learning how!

So can we extend a little more compassion to ourselves and humanity? More acceptance? Can we be open and receptive to learning from others the ways in which they’ve mastered being Human, and be generous in sharing our own ways? Can we be gracious for that which we don’t know—gracious for the not knowingness and the invitation to learn?

I witness (and experience) so much suffering under the confusion of thinking perfecting our human life is possible. When we think we should have it all figured out and deny ourselves the freedom to “fuck up” (a loaded phase in itself) we hurt ourselves and miss out on the incredible and humbling beauty of being alive.

Accept the mess. Get your hands dirty. Bring Love where we need more of it. Be quiet enough to listen. Give yourself Love. Give yourself space. Give yourself to Life—every messy drop of it.

I see you—sweet human out there learning how to Be. I accept you as you are, and I accept me.

Love on the Path 🖤 D