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You are where you are NOW because of your actions THEN. Do not judge yourself in the present for not knowing better in the past.

Ever feel like your physical world isn’t aligned with the Truth of your spirit, your vision, or your mind’s ideas of what you’re capable of? I feel you!

That’s because our Life is built on the ground of our past actions, NOT our present capacities. And honestly, it’s unfair to expect our past selves to know and feel and understand what we do now. How could they? They haven’t yet lived through what we have. They haven’t yet had the chance to learn what we now know.

Rather than aching over the gap between our present and desired realities—lovingly accept your past self, knowing you did the BEST you could with the energy and understanding you had then—and commit now to doing your BEST in the present, knowing you are actively creating new ground with every choice and move you make.

It’s all coming. Just keep doing you and don’t sweat where you’re coming from. It’s already behind you.

Sending Light to all beings 🌻 Danielle