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i am me
and i don’t have to know what that means
i don’t have a neatly-typed page
of all the ways the world
or you
can expect me to deliver and arrive
i don’t have the promise of demeanor
or a smile
or exhaspersted sigh
or whatever other sign could
derive an idea of which peg’s mine
for the filling
i flow
i move
i owe nothing
i am me
as much as
i am the Earth
for my shifts move mountains and
my feet forge river beds and fox crossings
my body breaks and builds and burns
i am the Earth
as much as
i am the Sky
for my dreams cast star shadows and
my eyes illuminate the Truth beyond the mind
my spirit dances and bursts and flies
i am the Sky
don’t tell me
i am not everything
when you cannot see
such splendor in yourself
in every being
i am this heart
i am this breath
and this one…
and this…
i am me
nothing to question
nothing to hold
nothing more
and today
that is all
that is enough

Sending Light to all beings,