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Raw Soul

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// here to be real //

Welcome! I’m Dani.
Soul Coach, Healing Artist, Writer, and Yoga/Meditation guide currently based in Denver, Colorado. These passions have led me to deep-dive into the world of Spirit, healing, and conscious living. I am here to empower you (and myself!) to live your precious Human Life with passion, purpose, and Soul.

And Raw Soul?
This is a movement + offering ground born of a call for Honest, Authentic Living. It’s a commitment to healing from the roots up. Full spectrum. No shortcuts. To experience the Joy of Life with presence, purpose, and a centered sense of Self.
Because we are here for a reason. To heal and rise into the fullest expression of Life we can be.

 // offerings //


The path of Healing and Awakening is no easy feat. We need support.
I’m here to guide you to reveal and refine your Soul’s Path of Purpose. Then, we build your toolkit of practices and multi-dimensional support system to keep you walking in alignment with your Soul’s Highest Truth.


As Human Beings, we came here to heal and evolve our Souls through our lived experiences. Raw Soul weaves together wisdom from a variety of traditions to offer tools for just that. Learn how to increase your energetic awareness, empower your sensitivity, and deepen your intuition for a beautiful Life fueled by your authentic gifts.


We are blessed with deep and powerful system passed down for millennia through the living lineage of yogic teachers. This system for Human Life includes asana, meditation, kirtan, and more. Raw Soul harnesses the power of these practices for integrative healing and strengthening your energy body. Let’s practice together 🙂